To everyone who has contributed to our ‘Pay it forward’ scheme;



From everyone who has benefited from your generosity.


What is it?

Here at Wedding Tuk Tuk, we deeply believe in the things that matter. Not so much about the things that don’t.

With that in mind, we have had the ambition for all our lives to step away from the rat race and do something we enjoy.  Something that won’t make us rich but will satisfy the needs of our hearts.  So when we created Tuk Tuk Weddings we wanted to come up with a way that we could offer things that people wanted at costs they could afford and (this was very important to us) contribute to  greater society at the same time.   What should we do?

There is an inarguable fact that the world is tougher today than it was yesterday. So we all must step up and do things to help each other have a better life. And who does the most to help others?  Her at Tuk Tuk Weddings, we have a deep  admiration for charities who do more with less every single day, Local charities. Local schools. Local communities.

So we came up with a simple formula:  We charge our clients a fair rate and hopefully what they could afford. We then put some of that fee into a ‘Pay it forward’ fund.  Simples.

Smaller charitable organisations can use the wedding Tuk Tuk at no charge to raise funds for their cause. Larger charities have to contribute to the ‘Pay it Forward’ fund. It’s a way to redistribute a very very miniscule part of the charity funding pie.

‘Pay it forward’ fund

The fund is something personal we do. It’s not a charity itself.  We contribute to it after paying the taxman. It’s probably not tax efficient (Tell us if you have any advise). We could do it better.  But it does help others, it’s simple and we like it.  We clearly tell people who use our services what amount of their fee will go into the fund.  Businesses pay more into the fund than private individuals. That seems fair as they can afford the few pounds more.  We put it in a separate account.  We don’t publish complicated reports. People who know us, trust us.

We use the fund to pay for the fuel, insurance and other running costs of the Tuk Tuk when we use it for charity.  That’s it.  Simples.

What charities do we support?

Anyone. Within reason, we don’t pick and choose who we should, or should not, help.  Each and every charity exists for a good cause and need our help.

Ask us who we specially love and we’ll tell you that we love and deeply respect the work that school PTAs, local children’s charities, local environmental charities and, well, small local charities of all kinds.

Remember, we don’t donate anything to them apart from our time an heart. And what they earn on the day.

The Wedding Tuk Tuk Pay it Forward fund helps us cover our expenses.