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We will need to agree a plan to maximise laptop donations in your area.

Need this please.

Indicate a rough quantity at this stage please. Thank you.

Can we please have your phone number?

Can we have your email address?

Can we know where you are? A post code would help as well.

Please read the following as it's very important.

We are a group of volunteer  individuals across the UK who are trying to do what is right at this time to help primary school children equipped with chromebooks so that they do not lose out on their life chances.   We are not a charity and are not funded in any way.  All expenses are drawn out of our pockets. 

The laptops we convert are donated to us by the kindest of  individuals across the UK and are definitely not of the latest specification.  We do our best to convert them into usable Chromebooks either by installing the operating system on the laptop’s hard drive or by including a USB Drive that will allow the laptop to be used as a Chromebook.

We do not have the resources to PAT test or guarantee the Chromebooks we supply.

If we supply them directly to your school for distribution, you need to be aware that you may have an obligation to have them tested, checked and they may need to be added to your school’s liability insurance.  

If you simply tell the parents of the children in your school that they can obtain these computers from us, we can deal with them directly and remove your involvement.  We will ask them to agree to a statement that the units are not PAT tested and come with no warranty whatsoever. We will encourage them to get the computer safety checked if they are concerned.   The transaction between us and the parent will be similar to any exchange between two individuals on platforms such as Freecycle or Facebook marketplace and will not expose us to liability.

Frequently Asked Questions
Within seconds, Tara will have acknowledged your request. It may go to spam so look for it.  Her email address is

Your request will be forwarded to the Laptops4kids Superhero in your area who will make contact and see if they can help you.  If there isn’t a superhero in your area, our Chief Organisational Elf (Jola) will be in contact to discuss what we can do.

Off course!  This is the absolute preferred way of doing it as we can then use the donated laptops for other needy children.   Please do contact us to arrange a pick up, conversion and return date for a consolidated number of parent laptops from your school.
At this stage, our simple answer is no.

For superheroes, it’s all about speed. Your child’s need for a laptop is urgent. Installing a Windows laptop or a MAC is time consuming and we can convert 6 Chromebooks in the time it would take us to re-install a windows laptop.

By the way, putting our underwear over our jeans doesn’t really help us go any faster.  So that wasn’t Superman’s secret…

Probably the answer is yes. Having said that, they are bulky and  difficult to ship around.

If you could use some within your school premises, then please do contact and I’ll see what we can do to help to provide some limited numbers.

Have a look at this link and you will see where they are.  Check back regularly as new superheroes are arriving all the time.

Like many things in life, the answer is “depends”.  If you would like us to consider doing this then we would ask you to send us an email explaining that.

When you have moved up the queue and it’s your turn to get one, we will make contact and leave it for you to pre-pay and arrange a pick up by a parcel delivery company.  Please make sure that you tell us when the courier is expected, send us the label to put on the box and we’d recommend that you insure it for about £150. You can buy a new Chromebook for about that.

We decided that as the laptops would be donated to the children, we would ask them to ‘Pay it Forward’ and find someone else who needs a laptop and pass it to them.

We felt that it introduces children to the concepts of sustainability, reusing technology instead of throwing it away and the pleasure of charitable giving.

A wonderful 12 year old, Annabelle, took on board what we were thinking and has designed some stickers for us.  We place one on each laptop we deliver.

No we do not.  Because we are a group of unfunded individuals that have got together to do what is right at this time, we do not have the resources to PAT test the laptops and power supplies.   We supply the units to you in good faith, just as we would had we given away a used laptop on Facebook, Gumtree or any other platform.

If you are concerned about the safety of the device, please have it tested by a local electrician.

More information can be found here.

No we do not.  Because we are a group of unfunded individuals that have got together to do what is right at this time, we do not have the resources to offer any warranty on the laptops we convert.

We test the donated laptops by installing the Chromebook operating system on them and doing some brief configuration. We do not do an exhaustive test and so it may well be possible that you discover intermittent faults are not found by us.  I’m sorry.

We supply the units to you in good faith, just as we would had we given away a used laptop on Facebook, Gumtree or any other platform.

Off course.  Prem’ and Tara’s mobile number is 07770 833999.

However if you just want to ask us to prioritise your request, the call won’t get you anywhere as our system servers out Chromebooks on a strict first in – first out basis.  Sorry. It’s wouldn’t be fair to do it any other way.

Remember that although I’m happy to take calls, every call I take reduces the amount of timer that I’m converting laptops for kids.  Thank you.  Prem and Tara. 💚💓💛


We know it's terribly frustrating to have to magic up a laptop for each child. Click here to register your need.

Give your child Tara's love and explain that we will try as hard as we can to get them one the Chromebooks that have been donated by the immense kindness of others.

Converting a windows laptop into a chromebook is simpler than it looks thanks to the CloudReady software that Google kindly made available for free to the world in Dec 2020.

With the government imposing a further lockdown on the 6th January 2021, Primary School children suddenly had to study online and from home. Many young families with multiple children suddenly found that they needed a Chromebook computer for each of their children. We can only imagine the stress and difficulty in finding even more money to buy those Chromebooks when the world of employment is so uncertain. Many parents are in an impossible situation.

Staring in a little village called Helpston, near Peterborough, we have rapidly recruited the help of wonderful individuals across the village, area and nation.  Each on volunteering a great deal of their time to helping get Chromebooks into the hands of desperate parents.

If you need a Chromebook for your primary school child or grandchild,  please register their need here.  We can't guarantee that we will be able to help but we will try our very hardest. At the very least, you'll get a nice email and a smile from Tara!


We all have one somewhere. Find it and click here to register your donation.

If your laptop  starts up, has a power supply and is under 10 years old, please, please donate it to us. A child somewhere will be smiling a lot.

Do you have an old Windows PC or Chromebook at home that you are not using any more?  We bet you do!  Almost everyone has.  In a cupboard, in the attic or under the bed.

If it’s under 10 years old, I can probably convert it into a Chromebook suitable for a local primary school child in desperate need for one.

All we have to ask is that it will power on and that you have a power supply.

Time is the issue here.  We need to use our old laptops to ensure the continuing education of our young children.  Every day makes a difference to their life chances. So please find that laptop and donate it fast!

Register you interest to donate here and we will be in contact to see how we can get it collected, converted and donated to a needy child at home.


Anyone can do it. Very very little technical experience required. Click here to find out more.

So far, 21 superheroes across the UK have joined Tara and are doing this very easy conversion and getting Chromebooks to desperate parents in their area.

Converting a windows laptop into a chromebook is simpler than it looks thanks to the CloudReady software that Google kindly made available for free to the world in Dec 2020.

After the necessary 2 minutes of faffing around to get in the windows laptop 'BIOS' screen, the conversion takes about 30 minutes and I have now managed to get a production line going where I do 6 at a time on my dining table.

However, as the volume of laptops ramp up, there is always a need for other to help doing this.  I would be grateful for the help and you would get to see Tara regularly to guarantee a smile!

If you have a little technical knowledge and can help, please take a look at this in more detail and I will be in contact to see how we can work together.

It's only been ...0... weeks since we started this effort in a little village called Helpston.
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