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Tara’s Wedding Car get-up:

Looking for a cream Mercedes S-Class?   What about a white Rolls Royce Phantom?  A silver Porsche Panamera?

Look no further.

Seriously, look no further.  Tara isn’t anything that you would be happy with.  I’ve tried to bring her up properly like a good young lady but she’s a rebel. A Tuk Tuk with attitude.  Big attitude. (I blame her grandparents)

She will come dressed in a bright yellow hood and a bright green skirt. Colours that will make everyone smile.  She will do her best to accessorise to match your wedding colours and will check with you first so you are happy with the look.

Her new 2019 yellow and green dress (what else?) has a large sunroof in it so that you can enjoy the sunshine.  Although it took some convincing – she is such a positive Tuk Tuk – , I managed to get her to agree to have some transparent side screens in case it rains.  She carries them in her handbag so they are always there ready for the unexpected shower.

She loves accessories and so you are sure That she will spend a lot of time preparing for your big day.. She always adorns herself  with garlands of brightly matched flowers that she uses to accentuate her external beauty. (She told me to write that).

If weddings  aren’t the right time to wear all your fancy jewelry then when is? Tara knows how to  wear and show off her fancy bling. All there to make you laugh and smile. I love it when she  puts those little bells that tinkle while she drives along…..

And that’s before you step into the sumptuous space inside her. She may only be a Tuk Tuk but she believes in luxury!  Bright, fluffy and super comfy cushions are scattered around to make your short trip in her a @First Class’ experience.   She smothers the inside in tactile materials of all kinds and make sure that there is lots of pretty smells in the air. I have to say I moan about that as it sometimes a little overwhelming but  she tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m too old. I tell her she should be more respectful to her parent. She, as usual, ignores me.

One more thing that she insists on is that IO put some frilly, beautiful, hand made lace curtains on the side doors.   Something to do with making sure that your wondrously fluffed and sprayed hair stays in place.

Finally, I would like to say that the mats on the floor of the read compartment are laid with clean white linen so that you can surround yourself and your dress with a cocoon of cleaness.   I had to mention that as she doesn’t like talking about her personal hygiene and well.. Someone has to.

The Wedding Car experience:

Tara hates panics so she’ll get that in plenty of time. She’ll wait patiently outside until you are ready to present yourself to your incredibly lucky other half.

She tells me that, although she is terribly excited to see what you look like when you step out towards her, she’s also with a little stressed that you may have decided to wear this enormous hooped wedding dress.  If you’re not, then the smile on her face instantly widens with excitement. If you have got one of those massive wedding dresses then It’s the stuff of her nightmares. I’ve told her not to worry as I will have asked you all these questions  before taking your booking but she continues to worry. What can a dad do when he has a worried daughter?

Anyway, once you are safely inside and your beautiful dress is carefully folded around you, your smiley driver (usually me) drives you slowly to your venue. Although she can attain speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (downhill with the wind behind her), she normally does drive very fast at all for fear of her flowers being ruffled.    I thought she would be more concerned about your hair but no… it’s her flowers being ruffled. Sorry. 🙂

Tara can, and loves to, drive for hours and hours but I have to remind her that she can’t meander off on some detour because she thinks it will be interesting.  Given the focus of the event is you, I normally ask that we only ask Tara to drive a maximum of 3 miles. Although she always tell me off for keeping the ride so short.

When you get there, you and everyone else who has seen Tara will be smiling. I have told her a 100 times that it is because of you but … well … let me just say that she thinks it’s because of her and I lose the argument every time in this area.   Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. Welcome to my stressful life as her dad.

Tara gets very very excited and likes to make a lot of noise when you leave her and go up the steps. Luckily I know my daughter and can stop her most times.

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