Tara, the Wedding Tuk Tuk, is special.

This is what you and your venue need to know.

About Tara the Wedding Tuk Tuk:

Tara is an original Bajaj RE45 (2017 model with electric screen washer) that I imported from Bombay in June 17.  She’s powered by massive 175cc 4-star unleaded petrol engine and with dimensions of just 800mm wide, 2600mm long and 1800 high, she like to think of herself as being slim and therefore being easily be taken into any room with a sensible sized double door … we will drive her very very slowly… but she insists on wearing the highest of heels which make her really bad on steps.    And finally, Tara weighs a skinny 330KG (The weight of 4 average Bombay sized men) so can also go into most lifts!

Tara is fully insured for UK public roads as a 4 seater vehicle (including driver) and meets all the current safety and emission standards.  I could (but won’t) take her on a motorway!

Tara’s dress code:

Buying clothes for Tara has always been a nightmare.  She insists wearing nothing but yellow tops and green skirts with flower patterns. So don’t be surprised if that is what she turns up in and don’t blame me. I try.

This year she has at least moved away from the plain yellow top to a off the shoulder number with a large roof on the top. I keep telling her she looks lovely and airy in it but she still isn’t sure.  If it  rains, she has some  completely transparent sides  that protect the passengers and the driver  from getting wet. But I have to be honest, although she just gets on with it  and does what she has to do, she hates it in the rain.

Anyway, she may have a pretty standard choice in clothes but, OMG, she out-dos herself when it come to accessories.

Tara’s accessories:

Since an early chassis, she has always liked dressing up and that has never left her. Whereas buying clothes for her is relatively boring (yellow green, yellow green, yellow green…), taking her to buy accessories takes hours and hours and hours. Where do I start?

  • Cushions. She likes cushions. Brightly coloured, hand stitched, slightly blingy, soft and cuddly. Unlike me, she has an eye for colour and no matter what colours you would like around you, she’s probably got cushions that would match your theme perfectly.
  • Flower strings.. Tara has always loved flowers and she has a massive collection of different coloured flower strings that she loves to drape all over her to make her feel more festive.
  • Soft hangings. She loves using cloth some different textures and patterns to make her occupants feel comfy and at home. Again, she has her cupboard full of different colours to choose from.
  • Bling. Don’t talk to me about bling! Half of the cupboards in her bedroom (garage) are stuffed full of bling. Hanging beads, animals of all sorts, flowers, jewelry, bells …. And, yes, even a nodding sikh.
  • Perfume. She’s always like to use perfume and so as a small selection of perfume oils and jossticks that she sometimes asks me to use. I have asked her and she tells me it isn’t because of me!
  • Sound system. Tara loves to dance. So, if she is in the mood, prepare yourselves for some Bhangra or whatever she is currently into.

She will normally try and match your celebration colours. However there are an infinite number of colours and she has a large but finite wardrobe so no guarantees. The sooner you can tell her what to wear, the more chance there is that she will.


Tara, likes to get ready without any hassle on time. So, don’t be surprised when she gets to the venue (or pick up location) a minimum of 60 minutes beforehand.  That’s extended to a minimum of 90 minutes for any photo booth setup as she takes ages and ages to get dressed to her inner diva’s satisfaction.

She will normally leave no later than 30 minutes after the agreed service has been fulfilled and, unless agreed beforehand, no later than 10:30 PM in the case of an evening event.

Not that she turns into a kaddoo (pumpkin) or anything.  She just prefers early nights.


Tara and her assistant (mostly that will be me) will arrive in a van and trailer. We will need suitable secure space to park up and for her to be taken off her trailer. If the space is locked, we will need access to it on request throughout the event.  If Tara is needed throughout the event then we will need at least 90 minutes to pack up after the event ends. Alternatively,, Tara and I are happy to stay overnight and pack up the next morning.


  • The Tuk Tuk is fully licenced and insured to drive on public roads with a maximum of 3 passengers and a driver.  All rear seat passengers must wear seat lap belts at all times. Passengers must keep all their arms and legs inside the Tuk Tuk and must respect and obey any instructions from the driver.
  • The Tuk Tuk meets and exceeds all the applicable safety requirements, is regularly serviced and is regularly re-certified by the authorities.  However in case of any emergency, please follow the instructions of the driver.
  • Tara doesn’t like people smoking in or immediately around her. In case of an emergency, the Tuk Tuk is equipped with a fire extinguisher placed in a position that is reachable by the driver and the passengers alike.
  • Tara is equipped with human-power assisted brakes so if the driver slams his right foot on the brake, the Tuk Tuk may stop very quickly so sit back on your seats.
  • As people have a habit of screaming ever so loudly with laughter while riding her, Tara requests that those with sensitive hearing bring their ear-plugs.
  • The driver is not required to wear a seat-belt (none fitted) nor wear a helmet.
  • The Tuk Tuk has a 5 litre petrol tank that can be siphoned and emptied if required by the venue.

Public Liability Insurance:

We have Public Liability Insurance in place to the sum of £5,000,000.

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