More about Tara the Wedding Car’s Photo Booth disguise

Tara loves to dress up as a photo booth and make people laugh.

This is what you and your venue need to know.

Tara’s Photo Booth get-up:

Don’t expect a boring old Magic Mirror that you stand in front off and have pictures taken by some anonymous technology.   Where’s  the fun in that?

Tara goes big on attitude when she takes on the role as your party photo booth.  The first thing you need to know is that she loves dressing up. In the evenings, she’s dressed to kill with an off the  shoulder yellow top over a lovely green skirt. She also loves to wear high heels even if that makes it very difficult for her to go up steps … (I tell her but what can I do?  Girls with attitude never listen to their dad, eh?)

Accessories?  OMG. She’s accessorised to the nines: flowers, cushions,  perfume, hanging jewelry and bling of every type!  And – because she is a party starter,, she brings a box full of fancy dress with her to try and get even the most sensible people into the mood.

The Photo Booth experience:

Tara normally places herself somewhere where she is the centre of attention. That means that she normally gets to the party really, really, early. If you ask her what her favourite position is, she’ll tell you that she had the most fun once when she was in the middle of the dancefloor!

At this point, I should tell you that Tara likes to drink and that electricity is her chosen tipple. Like most young women of a certain age she needs a continuous and never-ending supply of the stuff. Without it, she kind of shuts down. Just put her close to a double shot (socket) of electricity and you’ll keep her partying all night.  Oh. And she loves to chat. As she doesn’t have any fingers (just thumbs), Apps like Facebook,, Instagram and Twitter are all she can use….. so…. It’s pretty important that she has some sort of good, fast and reliable Internet connection. She’ll still do her thing without an Internet connection but I get a shed full of complaints from her on the way home and frankly I could do without that.

If space and time permits, she insists that I use professional lighting so that the pictures are nice and bright. If it’s an extra special party, she’ll me to get out her UV and coloured/disco lighting to make things even more fun. She loves to do stuff outdoors but draws a line if it’s raining. However, if the sun is shining (or she is covered by a tent) she normally asks me to get out the festival flags and bunting to help make it all so much more ‘smiley’.

As you’d expect from a professional model like Tara, she is accompanied by a really hunky photographer with all his gear. More about him later.

When the party starts, fun loving and often quite tipsy people cram onto the back seat and control the photo booth’s picture and video functions via a small touchscreen in front of them.. Once these people become incapable of touching the right buttons, Tara’s friendly assistant will be there to help.  Throughput the party, she will take short video clips and pictures when asked to and will publish these online if requested. She’ll even allow people to scribble touchscreen messages on the pictures she takes – and, without any sort of smut-filter, you should see some of the ‘anatomical’ drawings she has seen! Yes, this feature can be disabled for kids parties 🙂

She’s even been known to print out pictures on the spot. Although she often moans a lot about doing that.

OK. She has just reminded me that I’ve forgotten to tell you about her friend Yi. Yi always accompanies Tara wherever she goes and makes sure that she is the centre of attention by taking 360° videos of the activity around her.

When the party’s over, or at a specific time (Tara doesn’t like staying up too late), she’s asked to stop drinking electricity and her attendant puts things away. It’s fair to say that, at this stage, Tara has normally had far too much to drink and so has to be pushed out of the party and taken home.

Hopefully she will sleep all the way home but if I’m unlucky she’ll spend the whole time telling me how exciting her night was, how many nice people she met, what the funniest things she saw was and generally nattering in my ear even if I really don’t want to hear. … The life of a dad or a young-at-heart daughter…. haha

Tara’s Photographer:

As I’ve already said, Tara is accompanied by a hunky photographer with all the gear  you could dream of. I have to be honest and say that although Tara can just look at his junk and tell you what it does, I fail to see why he carries so much around.

He’s got three main things in his package:  a high resolution digital 35mm camera with a wide angle lens, a HD video camera and a computerised flash.   That lots connected to a very high-powered computer that is connected to a touch sensitive screen and the Internet.

Tara,  being a bit of a diva, insists that the software is personalised not only for her but also for the party she is at.  Easy for her to say – difficult for me to do. Anyway, the software will allow Tara’s photographer to take pictures and videos in a number of different formats.

  • Still pictures in a custom frame. Guests can select the ones they want to keep and share.
  • Still picture in a custom frame with digital scribble.  Guests can use the touch screen to write a message / draw on the picture before it is saved and shared.
  • Short video message. Guests can chose to keep and share.
  • Experimental – Animated GIF.  In test mode but Tara has her fingers (wheels) crossed.
  • Experimental – Green Screen Video.  In test mode but Tara expecting this in  August 2019.

Her photographer is also responsible for setting up and running her friend Yi.  Yi is a 360° video camera that sits way above Tara and takes rather amazing 360° videos of the party ‘good times’.

Sometimes, Tara will ask him to set up a printer which will be run by her assistant at the event. He will need another 2 by a nearby table that can be used to print out the pictures.

Tara’s printer supports 148 x 100 mm (postcard) sized prints as well as 86 x 54 mm (credit card) sticky backed prints.  The prints have a long lasting glossy coat. The main reason that she choose this printer is that she noticed just how much people hate, hate, hate standing around waiting for their pictures to be printed ( you know what it’s like waiting at a passport photo booth for your pics …) and these print out a picture in about 45 seconds – which is long enough when you are just waiting!

50 Prints are included in the booking cost and further pictures can be provided at cost.

The original 12 MegaPixel pictures and videos will be made available to you at no additional cost for you so that you can blow the embarrassing ones up to poster size and beyond. 🙂

By the way, she has asked me to ask you to be patient with her poor old dad who needs time to process the videos that Yi makes.

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