It’s your wedding.

You spent all that time making sure it would be perfect.

And it will be.

Think about your wedding and dare to be different with an Indian Tuk Tuk Wedding car.

What about arriving at your wedding venue in a ‘classic’ Indian wedding car covered in flowers, garlands and shiny things matching your wedding colour scheme?

Cue the wide smiles ….


Wedding Car Package

£350 Including ‘pay-it-forward‘ of £50
(plus delivery/collection charge)

We’ll pick you up from your house and drive you to your wedding venue and then, when you are ready, we’ll drive you and your partner to the reception venue.

Imagine it ...

     Tara the shiny green and yellow Tuk Tuk – dressed to match your wedding colours

     Personable driver dressed in Indian wedding finery and wide smile

     Chauffeured drive for the bride and/or groom to the wedding venue

     Chauffeured drive for the happy couple to the reception venue

     Beautiful lace windows and a silk throw to protect your stunning wedding dress

     Super comfy pillows, shiny things, beautiful scents and other, oh so cute, stuff

     Multiple cameras to catch the memories and smiles from all directions

Important notes:

     See terms and conditions.

You’ll walk into your wedding with the widest smile ever on your face!

Wedding Car Package

£450 Including ‘pay-it-forward‘ of £50
(plus delivery/collection charge)

We’ll entertain your guests and children (from 2 to 102 years of age) while you have beautiful, stunning, pictures taken as the happiest married couple in the world.

Plus a OMG! Tuk Tuk Wedding present with our love 🙂

Let me imagine it ...

     Everything we offer in our fabulous GOLD Service PLUS ….

     We’ll entertain your guests on short rides around the area of your wedding venue

     We’ll make sure everyone laughs out loud, screams with delight or simply smiles very widely

     Take some unique pictures of your guests and other children having lots of fun

    OMG! Tuk Tuk Wedding Present: We’ll pick you up on or around your first wedding anniversary and take you to a local restaurant of  your choice to relive the magic!    🙂

Important notes:

     See terms and conditions.

Your guests will scream with laughter!

Wedding Car Package

£600 Including ‘pay-it-forward‘ of £50
(plus delivery/collection charge)

With a bit of unicorn dust magic, your wedding car becomes an amazing photo booth which will keep your guests laughing all night long.

Let me imagine it ...

     Everything we offer in our awesome PLATINUM Service PLUS ….

     We’ll magic up an all singing, all dancing, photo booth specially for you and your guests

     Equipped with SLR, video and 360 Degree cameras, a professional touch screen and be Internet connected

     Large suitcase full of fancy dress gear from India and beyond will be provided for extra fun

     Assistant with an extra helping of Unicorn Dust (Extra Unicorn Dust is FREE)

Important notes:

     See terms and condition.

Keep the craziness going with a smile.