We care about things that matter. 

Not about things that don’t.

The world is tougher today than it was yesterday. 

So we all must step up and do things to help each other have a better life. Right?

Tara and the rest of us at WeddingTukTuk.com have a deep  admiration for charities who do more with less every single day.


Local Charity or Community Event


Thanks to the ‘Pay It Forward’ charges our clients kindly pay us, Tara the Tuk Tuk is available for charity events throughout the year. There is absolutely no charge to smaller charities and 100% of the donations go to the charity.

What we can do to help you help society:
On request and depending on our commitments, we can provide the Tuk Tuk and driver to small charity events free of any costs except the fuel costs to get the Tuk Tuk to the location and back again.  This is normally nothing.

Larger charities can hire the Tuk Tuk as a fun car or super dooper magic mirror photo booth at discount rates in the knowledge that 50% of the fees paid will be allocated to Tuk Tuk Wedding’s ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme.

     We will provide the tuk tuk, a driver (me) and maybe you’ll meet an overly friendly dog (Dougal)

     We will agree a route and jointly review it for your safety assessment.

     We will provide signage including a ‘Bus Stop’.

     We will provide lovely scarves and head covers for the passengers to wear and feel ‘Indian’ in.

     We will ask the passengers if we can take fun / silly pictures and post them on our social media pages.

     We will stay till the end, pack up our stuff and head home.

Important notes:

     We are licensed to drive on public roads.  However, we are not licenced to be a Private Hire vehicle

     Our DVLA Registration document. Our Insurance document

     We have a £5 million public indemnity (PI) Policy in place. Our Public Indemnity Certificate

     Our driver has been DBS Checked. DBS Certificate. (Our driver is a governor at a local school)

     See terms and conditions

Stuff you should be aware of:

  • We can carry a maximum of 3 passengers at a time.
  • We must have at least one adult (over 18 years old) as a passenger at any time.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.
  • Here are our rules.

How much you can expect to earn for your charity:

  • From experience, we would suggest that every charity Tuk Tuk ride follows a 5 minute fixed route and that rides are arranged every 10 minutes.
  • Historically, charities seem to have charged £6 – £7.50 for a ride for up to 3 people.
  • Assuming that you can advertise the rides well and that the Tuk Tuk is visible to the visitors of your charity event, you can expect around 90% usage.
  • You should earn around £40 / hour for your charity.   100% of that goes to your charitable cause.


  • We take money out of the ‘Pay it Forward’ fund to support your event. This covers our costs:  Fuel, insurance, maintenance and loan repayments. It does not cover the cost of the driver or any profit.
    • Normally, there will be sufficient funds in the ‘Pay It Forward’ fund to support your event.  If there is not, then we may ask for a small fee.
  • If you are more than 10 miles from PE67EG, we may also charge a fee of 45p per mile to cover the costs of transporting the Tuk Tuk there on a trailer.
  • In exchange for our charitable contribution, we would deeply appreciate you helping us market our revenue generating offerings to your guests and contacts through your pre-during-post event activities. Simples.

What we need you to do:

If your decide to ask us to attend an event and we agree availability, we would ask you to help us by providing the following assistance;

  1. We need a table and a chair which we will decorate appropriately.
  2. We will need a ‘helper’ to assist us taking ride bookings, taking the fee, managing the queue and ensuring safety at the ‘Bus Stop’.
  3. You will need to agree the cost of the ride.

Go on … have a huge amount of fun and boost your net donations

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What does Tara call you apart from her bestie?

Trust Tara enough to give her your email? #TaraDoesNotSpam

Want to swap digits with Tara? Hers are 07770 833 999


Contact Tara

What does Tara call you apart from her bestie?

Trust Tara enough to give her your email? #TaraDoesNotSpam

Want to swap digits with Tara? Hers are 07770 833 999