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People will talk about how you arrived at your wedding – forever.  They may remember your beautiful little Tuk Tuk wedding car dressed up with flowers, garlands and shiny things matching your choice of wedding colours.  They may remember your smiley driver dressed up in full Indian finery. They may remember that your wedding transport was called Tara….

They WILL remember how beautiful you looked surrounded by the super cuddly, colourful, cushions and other soft things. How happy you looked. They will remember how they could not stop smiling at you. Above all else, they will remember your widest of wide smiles….. and so will you.

Your party needs a BAT SHIT CRAZY photo booth. All the best receptions have them now-a-days but your wedding deserves the very best. Something your lucky guests will remember forever.  So, what could be more unique and fun than having your lovely little Tuk Tuk parked up and converted into an amazing, internet connected, state of the art self-service photo booth? …

The photos and videos will be posted on social media so everyone can see the fun you are having. They’ll be available instantly in print and the best (and silliest) ones will be delivered to you in a personalised ‘Memories’ book after your reception. Challenge you to count the smiles!

You are married. You are going to live happily ever after.  Everyone has said that your wedding was fabulous.  You will have books of photos and lots of pictures online but … wouldn’t it be nice to relive those smiles for real every year?  We love it that we were involved in your wedding, so why not ask us to do something for you again? ….

Why don’t the two of you jump into your lovely little wedding car ever year on your anniversary and relive the happiness of your big day?  We will commit to collect you in style, drive you to a location of your choice and have some laughs along the way.  In fact, we will include your first anniversary trip as part of our Platinum or Unicorn wedding package.  Just to celebrate the biggest and happiest adventure of both your lives with you.  It will be fun ….

We care about things that matter.  Not about things that don’t.  

The world is tougher today than it was yesterday.  Tara and the rest of us at Wedding Tuk Tuk Ltd have a deep admiration for charities who do more with less every single day.  So we all must step up and do things to help each other have a better life. Right?

Thanks to the ‘Pay It Forward’ generosity of our clients,  Tara the Tuk Tuk is available for charity events throughout the year. There is absolutely no charge to smaller charities and 100% of the donations go to the charity. 

Tara's Next-ish 6-ish Things

  • Wedding – Sutton Coldfield

    5th September 2020
  • Wedding – Wookey Hole

    To Be Confirmed
  • Wedding Experience, Cambridge

    26th September 2020
  • Wedding – Capestang, France

    3rd September 2021 to 6th September 2021

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Want to swap digits with Tara? Hers are 07770 833 999


Contact Tara

What does Tara call you apart from her bestie?

Trust Tara enough to give her your email? #TaraDoesNotSpam

Want to swap digits with Tara? Hers are 07770 833 999